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We generate B2B sales leads for small businesses & large enterprise

Top Up Your Funnel is an email prospecting service that generates a constant flow of highly targeted B2B sales leads for its clients.

How we work?

Deliver Leads

We deliver you highly targeted quality leads

Using years of experience managing sales programs for small and large enterprises, Top Up Your Funnel® has designed a seamless and integrated email process for generating high quality, early stage [top of the funnel] sales leads, targetting key decision makers in companies based on your ideal customer criteria.

How we work?

I know who I want to reach, but I don’t have a database

So you want to reach every Law Firm in your area. Do you know how many law firms there are? Do you know the company names and contact details of the Office Manager [Influencer] or the Senior Partner [Decision Maker]?

Well relax. We don’t just research and build the company data around these law firms, but we also identify the influencers and decision makers, and then reach out to them through an expertly crafted series of emails distributed and monitored over a period of 30 days.

When we get a bite, we pass it on to you to action. Simple!

How we work?

Great Ideas

Most businesses with great ideas fail, because they just fail to sell it!

At Top Up Your Funnel® we know how important it is for small businesses to keep closing sales and although we will never be responsible for closing your leads, we can be accountable for giving you every opportunity to succeed by providing you with high quality top of the funnel leads.

How do we do that?

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How we work?
Work Filling

Within 72 hours we get to work filling the top of YOUR sales funnel

Do you struggle to generate a consistent flow of quality B2B sales leads with the right decision makers in the right companies? Do you need leads, plenty of them and you need them fast?

Well don’t worry – you’re not alone

That’s why Top Up Your Funnel® exists

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How we work?
Track Leads

Do you struggle to keep track of what stage each of your leads are at?

For most small businesses the reality of their CRM, managing data and leads, is a spreadsheet. Although not a total disaster, you are already massively on the backfoot through loss of efficiency, automation and lack of essential market intelligence.

We recognize the importance of a quality affordable Sales CRM and that’s why our business is powered by Saphyte CRM®

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Top Up Your Funnel® is an early stage B2B lead generation service for small businesses.

If you’re in need of highly targeted, quality B2B leads to help your business thrive, then click below to start the journey of scaling your business NOW!

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